We have a problem. What can we do about it?

Are you tired of talking and never doing? Understanding but never applying? Striving but never moving? Does your faith feel like something you merely believe and not something you really live or experience? Is “getting close to Christ” an abstract idea for you? Do you desperately want to stop sinning, but you feel helpless in the face of temptation? Do you feel like you’re missing something?

Well you’re not alone. The Church is dying in America because of these problems.

Take heart though! There is a solution. My goal is to show you the big and little things you can do this year, this week, this day, this moment to actually grow in charity and become a saint. I think we got so caught up arguing about who best knew the path to holiness that we all actually forgot it. I’m not going to argue with you about Vatican II or the proper Canon or faith and works or Sola Scriptura. You don’t need a theology degree to get into heaven. I don’t want to tell you why you should be a Catholic. I’m going to tell you how to be a Catholic.

The world is tired of words: it wants deeds; it wants to see Christians living out the dogmas they profess.
-St. Alberto Hurtado

I Give Through eGive

There are a bunch of paper cards at the back of my local church. They are pretty simple, and when you first see them, it isn’t clear that they have any purpose whatsoever. All they have written on them is the sentence: “I give through eGive!” The “eGive” being referred to is actually a pretty […]

Is the Halftime Show a Big Deal?

“Oh, c’moooooon,” says the skeptic. “It’s not a big deal.” How sure of that are you? How can you possibly watch that without feeling unsettled and disturbed? The first problem is with those women and what we’ve done to them. We pumped them so full of fame and praise and money and license that they […]