Taking Yourself Too Seriously

“No, don’t post that! I look terrible in that picture!”
“I shouldn’t have lost. You got lucky.”
“I didn’t get a good grade, but it was just because…”
“Please don’t think my house always looks like this!”
“No, I really am a good driver.”
“I swear I’m not always like this.”
“I knew that!”
“What was your SAT score?”
“I have so much going on; you have no idea how busy I’ve been.”
“Oh my gosh, I am so exhausted. It’s been non-stop.”
“I got this scholarship…”
“I got this promotion…”
“I got this award…”
“Did you hear what my son recently did?”

Honestly…who cares? Maybe you’re not actually perfect. Maybe those sort of things don’t matter all that much. Maybe you should spend less time trying to convince the world that you’re something you’re not. Maybe your concern that people will wrongly assume negative things about you says just as much about you as it does about them. Get over it. Would a little honesty be better for the world, your friends, your soul?

“Oh, sure post it! I don’t mind.”
“Well done. You’re pretty darn good at this.”
“I got a poor grade. I struggled to understand it.”
“Sorry about the clutter!”
“I’m not the best driver, honestly.”
“I apologize; I’m a bit of a mess right now, huh?”
“No, I just didn’t know the answer.”

What if you didn’t talk about SAT scores? Or how busy you are? Or your promotion, or scholarship, or award, or child’s achievements? You could just be silent, and ask other people to talk about what they’ve done. Maybe they are actually interesting, and you have a lot to benefit from listening.

Isn’t it exhausting to spend time with people who say things from the first list? Don’t you enjoy being around people who say things from the second list? Try to be that person for your friends and family and neighbors! Humility is one of the most pleasant and attractive virtues. Pride is one of the most uncomfortable and repulsive vices. Examine your conscience, and think of areas in which you could improve.

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