My mission here is simple: preach the Gospel in order to bring people to Christ.

I think modern America has forgotten the two most important truths about the human condition. 1) there is a problem, and 2) there is a solution.

The problem obviously is sin. Man is fallen, and the world is a mess. The evidence is everywhere, yet somehow so many of us seem blind to it. We’re indifferent and lukewarm — willing to die with our vices and shrug our shoulders at the most important religious questions man can ask.

The solution is the grace of God, given to us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Getting to him is how we get to heaven, and we find him through prayer, charitable works, and sacraments: other things nobody bothers with these days.

I want to remind you of the problem and then offer you the solution. I want to preach to you the Christian message in the old fashioned way that you’ve probably never heard before.

To these ends, you will find many articles written in an easily accessible style. You will also find links to my social media on which you can find cultural commentary and quick truths that you won’t hear many other places. Lastly, coming soon is an audio section called “Lay Homilies.” These podcasts will be dedicated to filling a void so often found in Catholic masses today. You will be able to hear commentary on Sunday readings, fueled by the Church Fathers, Tradition, and those parts of Church teaching which we don’t hear very much about these days.

God bless,