What’s the Point?

My name is Ambrose Bean, and my goal is to show you what you can do.

American Catholics have been focusing for a long time on philosophy, apologetics, theological controversies, and the intricate details of various religious theories. This is probably because we live in a secular, pluralistic, free-speech culture. If you let people disagree with one another, while at the same time letting them talk about it, then you can bet there’s going to be a lot of chatter about their differences. 

I think that is all super important, but I also think that the Catholic Church is dying in America. We’re losing numbers, and that means we’re losing souls. Part of the explanation for this is that we have been so caught up with getting it right in our heads that we’ve forgotten to get it right in our actions. We have been so busy trying to prove that the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth, we forgot to actually do what the Church tells us to do with our lives. We are so obsessed with our freedom that we forgot we are all slaves to sin. The theology isn’t helpful unless it’s applied. We starved a generation of Catholics by freaking out about Vatican II and protestant arguments and partisan politics in Washington.

The result is that we are confused, sinful, and sad. We are left looking at our broken culture and our broken souls with nothing to ask but “what can I do?” The sad thing is that you’re more likely to find an article about the controversy behind faith and works than an article about how to actually do good works. You’re more likely to hear people trying to number the sacraments than explaining how to approach them. You’ll have an easier time finding arguments about the number of books in the Bible than you will tips on how to pray with the Bible. 

Do you feel like you know what you want to be, what you believe, and where the truth lies, yet you still don’t know what to do when you get up each morning? You still sin. You still feel sad. You are still unsure how to live out the faith you’ve been given

Well my mission is to talk to people like you. My job is to change all that. I want to show you what you can do, so we all see what you can become.